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Hi Idril,

I was feeling to hear some Strawbs' songs and I found your list. Everything, but Strawbs sounds new for me. This is not exactly the kind of music I prefer, but I enjoyed what I heard and I want to thank you for the seven discovery I did listening Quoth the Raven.

I think I will follow you!
Bye from Quebec CIty



Thank you for your comment, Progophile and I'm so glad to hear that you found new music here! I love the Strawbs too.


I love crows. They've been my favorite birds ever since I can remember. I enjoy your mixes very much!


I love them too, so enigmatic. So glad you enjoy my mixes, I very much love yours too.


As crows caw outside my cabin walls . . .


I wish I were in a cabin right now somewhere isolated with only the sound of crows outside..