Sixteen tracks including music by Duke Ellington, Cannonball Adderley Feat. Miles Davis, and Charlie Parker
and smokey jazz club music

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1,895    1hr 27min (16 tracks)
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Good Morning... I wanted to take a moment to "Thank You" for compiling this exceptional playlist. I tend to work very long hours, and due to the nature of my work, this music is a perfect supplement to all of the distractions and stresses of the day. Thank you again!


@joesoltis My Gosh, this is by far the nicest comment anyone has ever left me, and moreover, saying such lovely things about my playlist. I am really glad it brings you peace and stress release, that is just the effect I was aiming for, thank you for sharing your thoughts with me, you just made my day. Cheers


@iGlo_w A Very Pleasant Afternoon! You are quite welcome, and now that I see you have created I believe (6) lists, I am listening to the second and third ones today. Again, your collection is excellent and I thank you for taking the time to put it together - do enjoy the balance of your afternoon...


@joesoltis Hi there, fellow jazz lover, yes, you are correct, there are 6 more jazz playlists, I haven't compiled one in a long time, but I will, shortly, actually your comments have made me want to make another one, for ol' times sake. I'm sending out an immense thank you, for you dear follower, have made my week. cheers, Gloria


@iGlo_w Good Morning, Gloria - thank you for taking a few moments to share your thoughts and kind words. I do appreciate your thoughtfulness and I look forward to your new compilation. Indeed, I have had the opportunity to listen to your remaining playlists, and, as with your first one I found, your choices and selections are excellent. Do enjoy the balance of your weekend and surely, we will be in touch soon...


Great playlist for stuying! I am very picky when it comes to jazz, and I absolutely loved your playlist!


i absolutely loved your comment :D


This is the mix i have been searching for, i enjoyed every second of it. :D


When I see comments like this, my heart starts racing !!! ^_^ thank you very much I'm glad I was part of your delight


this is really good for studying! i turn this on to do my readings. it was perfection! :D


I'm so hyper when I read comments like this one, thank you very much


ditto :D thanks so much for compiling!


I do not understand jazz much, I am uneducated, but I love the instrumental stuff that I can relax to when I am studying or just hangin' out, this mix hits the spot, and helps me educate myself about certain artists.


that is an honor !
thank you so so much.. a lot of people dismiss jazz very easily because they think it's just out-of-rhythm-dabbling , when it is in fact such a soothing genre that couzld make even Hulk calm down a notch ;)


This is identical to my taste in jazz, beautiful.


in that case I should definitely look up your mixes, I love similarities =)


perfect for studying!! Thanks for the effort putting this together!!


thank you for loving it :D


Soooooo goood.


thank you so much