From HBO's classic 'Six Feet Under', played by Rachel Griffiths as one of the most brilliant and complicated characters on television- seductive, dark, genius, self-destructive psychologically intense and yet utterly zen.

"We're all wounded. We carry our wounds around with us throughout life and eventually they kill us. Things happen that leave a mark in space, in time... in us."

30+ Tracks with Goldfrapp, AIR, Boards of Canada, Zero 7, etc

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830    1hr 57min (27 tracks)
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this is the best. just started watching the series recently, but you just caught the ambience perfectly. liked.


Ah. This exists!


simply perfect!!!! thanks for share your musical feeeling


Ha! I've been watching Six Feet Under online lately and thought "I wish someone made a music compilation of the well selected music from the show". Bravo!