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The rest wasn't Disney, but I'm tired of people trying to pass Anastasia off as a Disney movie. It isn't, and though I love its music, it doesn't have the same Disney charm; it doesn't sound right in a playlist of Disney music.

just amazing!!! i hear this playlist like 1000 times! is just magic!
I love disney and this is like the representation of magic kingdom in my room!

I was thoroughly enjoying jamming to these great songs (honourary disney included, yay!) until I got slapped in the face by hilary duff. say what?!

My only objection to making Anastasia honorary Disney is that a ridiculous amount of people honestly think that is it Disney. Trust me, I have this conversation almost daily. It's my name...

Oh...my...word. I wont listen to any other disney playlist.
2 things I love: the playlist includes songs from disney cartoons AND LIZZIE MCGUIRE!!!!

i love how disney made you believe if you kept dreaming and being a kid your dreams will come true and everything will always be alright no matter how sad you are or how big is your heartacke, i love disney no matter how old i am