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The rest wasn't Disney, but I'm tired of people trying to pass Anastasia off as a Disney movie. It isn't, and though I love its music, it doesn't have the same Disney charm; it doesn't sound right in a playlist of Disney music.

just amazing!!! i hear this playlist like 1000 times! is just magic!
I love disney and this is like the representation of magic kingdom in my room!

I was thoroughly enjoying jamming to these great songs (honourary disney included, yay!) until I got slapped in the face by hilary duff. say what?!

My only objection to making Anastasia honorary Disney is that a ridiculous amount of people honestly think that is it Disney. Trust me, I have this conversation almost daily. It's my name...

What's it matter if people think Anastasia is Disney? Yes, they're wrong, but who cares? There are worse things in the world.

Oh...my...word. I wont listen to any other disney playlist.
2 things I love: the playlist includes songs from disney cartoons AND LIZZIE MCGUIRE!!!!

i love how disney made you believe if you kept dreaming and being a kid your dreams will come true and everything will always be alright no matter how sad you are or how big is your heartacke, i love disney no matter how old i am