Not everything has to have a reason. Get out, fuck up, fall in love, give it all up, let nothing go, never look back, always remember. Leave your fingerprints hanging from the inside of your thoughts, dangling on our ribcage like a reminder we'll spend the rest of our lives never forgetting to remember. Figure out what makes you happy, not what the media defines as "success," break all the rules, we'll forgive you later. Do all the things you never thought you could, you never thought you should, otherwise you'll grow up saying "I think, therefore I am," right turn on red, and take every great piece out of anyone you can. Get lost, get found, turn up the volume, roll the windows down, try to write as much as you can, and never question who you are, never question your own art, even when you can't speak its language. That's the beauty of being alive. It need never make sense, it only be lived.