264 comments on Being so indie, you turn indian. by JoanneKim

Hi can You send me song list on my email NideckiKarol@gmail.com please? I love it, just bought an iPod as a gift for someone special and I want to fiil it with that playlist so much.

i just wanted to thank for putting download links up! asdfghjkl seriously thank you so much my itunes library is like perfection now.

I know every artist on this list and practically every song. It was a terrific mix until "Cough Syrup" popped up. Then it was an epic mix that told me we are soul mates haha

I have to repeat what everyone else has said... This is an incredible mix. I can't count the numbers of times I've listened to this in the past few days and I'm still not tired of it.

Love this. It literally (like 95%- almost 100%) contains what I already listen to and love, but you managed to take the best of each artist and compile it into a beautiful playlist. It keeps me entertained while I do some work.

Haven't started listening yet (I'm sure I'll love it though) but I just have to say, that cover picture is AMAZING!!!!! :D