hours of relaxing music soundtracks to play in the background while concentrating on work, reading a good book with cup of tea, or simply to unwind yourself from a busy day :)

it works well with rainymood.com too...love the rain when i'm working...

Occasionally updated. (last update August 28, 2014)

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44,339    3hr 54min (66 tracks)
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Awesome music,provoke a perfect mood....¡¡¡

Saad Eldin

Thank you for this awesome playlist , it's the best I have ever heard while I am studying :D ,, Thank you


Thanks. One stop destination for all my needs :) :) :)


This is my favorite playlist. I listen to it on an endless loop. I have stopped searching for new playlists because this is the only one I need/want. Thank you.


Great playlist. Thanks for sharing.


how to download such an amazing playlist???


@manjushri.a listen to this music on youtube and download it directly from there using YTD downloader you just need to put code given in youtube video under share tab of the video


What wonderful music, reminds me of so many films.


This thing makes me feel like a shopper's drug mart because it has everything. From drugs to Doritos. But in this case the drugs would be the slow music and the Doritos would be the fast kind cuz why not eh?