It's 2012 and happy hardcore has changed a lot in the last couple decades but it looks like it's here to stay. More tracks soon and more professional cutting and mixing will be added when I have spare time.

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Anyone know who did the original slow melody on "damn that dj made my day"? i've been looking FOREVER and its not Fight The Violence.


It's off 3 MCs and one DJ by the Beastie Boys.

abrooks 1

beautiful!! thank you so much :)

abrooks 1

i have been searching for a copy of the "i just wanna dance" dj harpoon remix and i have neen unable to find it anywhere! i am dying to get a copy! do you know where i can find?


Oops, that one's tagged incorrectly. I've changed it to the correct title which is:
Flyin' & Sparky - Just Gotta Dance (Stormtrooper Remix)

available on the Hardcore Nation 2 compilation

youtube link:


also if you want to just buy the mp3 it's available here:

look at the top in the "maximum impact" release and hit the buy button near the "Just Gotta Dance (Stormtrooper remix) - (5:55) 170 BPM" track to just get that one track

carl rogers

Man, takes me back to the club kinetic days, chillin with the blaze, hittin the rays, wow they were the days.




take that ass to the white house


this took skill every song labled on a constant mix good on u


Who is "Fight the voilence" by? I really want to know. I'd say need but that's be gross exaggeration.


I updated it. It's actually a track called "Invite the Violence" by Scott Brown off his Hardwired 3 compilation.