It's 2012 and happy hardcore has changed a lot in the last couple decades but it looks like it's here to stay. More tracks soon and more professional cutting and mixing will be added when I have spare time.

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i have been searching for a copy of the "i just wanna dance" dj harpoon remix and i have neen unable to find it anywhere! i am dying to get a copy! do you know where i can find?


Oops, that one's tagged incorrectly. I've changed it to the correct title which is:
Flyin' & Sparky - Just Gotta Dance (Stormtrooper Remix)

available on the Hardcore Nation 2 compilation

youtube link:


also if you want to just buy the mp3 it's available here:

look at the top in the "maximum impact" release and hit the buy button near the "Just Gotta Dance (Stormtrooper remix) - (5:55) 170 BPM" track to just get that one track


this took skill every song labled on a constant mix good on u


I updated it. It's actually a track called "Invite the Violence" by Scott Brown off his Hardwired 3 compilation.