No Drake or Lil Wayne here. Each song has been picked specifically for the playlist. 70+ total. While some artists on here may be more familiar than others, the main idea is to introduce you to some new people while drowning you in good hip hop.

Alright after a few years here is the combination of the 2 playlists: big as fuck:

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No Drake or Lil Wayne? I used to love this mix until you added Lil Wayne along with a slue of other terrible songs.


@ABeaverBong Fucks a slue?


@justblazed slue noun
: a large number of people or things


@justblazed bring back the original mix from 2011 when you had good taste in music ;)


@ABeaverBong No it's "Slew". As in, "This slew of comments is coming from a fucknut"


@justblazed haha nice catch i actually caught that but didn't think that somebody who doesn't know what a slew is would spell check me. Probably should take off the no Drake or Lil wayne here part. Wouldn't have said anything if you just degraded the playlist with other terrible songs as you have but when I heard lil wayne come on I had to. I probably shouldn't be so mean though cause you clearly have had some form of brain trauma to change the 2011 mix to this generic crap


@ABeaverBong I really have no idea which songs you're talking about. I've added 1 song in 4 years.


Rolling in the Deep? That was funny as hell, but good one. Except who was that?


Ha it was supposed to be this:

8tracks keep changing around all the songs that use samples


best playlist


It's dope. Do you have the tracklist so I can make it? The link doesn't work and I am feeling this.


New website is what? Lovin the mix.


This mix is amaze ballz! I wish I could pick up where I left off so I could finally get to the final songs :(


Noticed a lot of these rappers have gotten muchh bigger since I posted this. Always a good look. Might be time to drop that 'n'


Any chance of a new link?