Chill and Dope underground hip-hop instrumentals to kick it or spit Rhymes. Superb Flow!

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Yo. I'm just want to share some good vibes around to the people who might be interested in developing in the rap game. If you're looking for really good instrumentals to practice your flow check works of Madlib, J Dilla, Alchemist, Just Blaze, M Phazes (Good gracious!), Illmind, Nottz, Dj Khalil, Evidence, Ski Beatz, Sallam Remi, Qtip and countless more.

"Hard Sick Hip Hop", nice bassline and chopping.
With all due respect to the beatmakers some of this beats might be improved by being more soulful/instrumental music influenced, more unpredictable and courageous, not especially "so tough", raw is better:)

wait...either you've dodged a lot of copyright rules, or you're one of the best indie instrumental hip hop artists i've heard. Is there anyway I could get permissions to use these songs?

Appreciate the interest; Honestly, these are just tracks Ive acquired over the years on my own and through friends and take no credit for the talent and art that produced this music. A majority of these instrumentals are from Noodles Production; the names and other artists in this playlist I do not know. So to answer your question all I can say is that I do not have an answer. I'm gonna try and make a sound cloud for this playlist and hopefully reach out to all the other people that like this playlist.