My friend and I where noticing how many songs there are about kicking an ex out your house...So i made a list and the list goes like this:
if you don't come get your shit out of my house, I will:
1) be a diva
2)leave all your shit on the portch
3) set fire to your shit
4) total your car
5) kill you and bury you under the doubble wide

...I would like to continue this list so give me suggestions!

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Cheater Cheater by Joey and Rory, Kerosene by Miranda Lambert, Take a Bow by Rhianna were the ones that popped into my head, but all of those you've already covered on your list.


Aced it, duders. Makes me wanna go play it on a boombox outside of my ex the asshole's window like John Cusack.