Some of my favourite songs from my favourite routines. I really loved the show, especially season 2, 3, 4 and 6! If you love SYTYCD as much as I do, you'll know the dance as soon as the song comes on... :D If not, I included the info in the annotations. Took me an hour to insert the dancers/seasons/choreographers and even longer to collect all the songs! So please show this mix some love. :) <3

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And then it started playing and I was just like "Ahhh!" *tears*


I loved that choreo, too! Brought tears to my eyes every time I watch it. I love Mia Michaels, and also Shane Sparks. :D


Yes! Shane Sparks is amazing. He and Mia Michaels are choreographical (I just made up a new word! Yay me!) geniuses.


Haha the two of them created so many memorable routines on SYTYCD. I practically watch the show just because of them. Wade Robson is my third favourite...he's genius in a unconventional way, if you know what I mean. :P


I was hoping Gravity would be on this mix. That was my ALL TIME FAVORITE Choreo.


Thank you so much for including the choreo and dancer information! What a great SYTCYD mix. (:


First song isn't over yet and already I know this is gonna be an epic mix :) Great job at adding the info about the choreography!! <3