Finals, finals, finals.
Over 5 hours of movie soundtracks, contemporary and classical strings and cellos, followed by a collection of piano. 63 tracks including music by Chants d'Auvergne, David Darling, and Howard Shore.

And if you have time (or the paper/exam) for one more musical motivator...check out my other study mix. :D

Good luck everybody! It's almost over! <3

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83,265    5hr 49min (62 tracks)
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could someone tell me what this song really is? >_< i tried to shazam it.. but it clearly didn't work! Thank you in advance! :)

)ÿþPalette -piano.ver- ÿþkoma'n

Ah, 8tracks screwed up the tagging. It's by a Japanese pianist Koma'n. This track is taken from her album Melodic.