when the dark night outside and rain slowly drops, then you can dive into the deepest corners of our world, into the deepest corners of your dreams – that’s called insomnia. some melancholic and atmospheric tracks including Deaf Center, Akira Rabelais and Library Tapes.

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acoustic ecology

you are such a good narrator my friend!


thanks, like that you enjoyed it ;)


ay, there's the rub!




These mixes are beautiful....thank you for creating them, I can sense a lot of heart went into them.


thank you! I do really appreciate your words and just want to thank you too for all these amazing classical mixes. I guess it's the best collection here - fantastic covers, great musicians and right music choice. every mix is like a little journey! hope you're going well and have a nice day!


Liked the special mood of this mix.
Dhafer Youssef is my fav since I saw him live; so powerful and talented man! Think he plays the oud and sings with his soul :)
Didn't know that Akira Rabelais had covered Erik Satie, his rendition of the Gymnopédie is very creative!
Comme toujours... Merci ♪(☀‿☀)♫


indeed, Dhafer Youssef is atmospheric and very talanted artist. and Akira Rabelais hasn't so many covers but this one is powerful.
really thanks for listening! as always ♫


I love this mix. Sometimes, I go and try to find another mix to relax/read to, but I always come back to this one. Thank you.

Can I ask what the cover art is?


thanks for come back and listening! I don't actually remember the title but the artist is Dali.


I am having so much trouble sleeping tonight, feeling very introspective. I noticed this on my homepage and it is just what I need.The Marcin Wasilewski Trio put me in a better mood, soft and thoughtful. Now my favourite Deaf Centre track. Hopefully sleep comes soon, but even if it doesn't I will be enjoying this! :)


I hope that this mix really helped you overcome your troubles with sleeping! I honestly don't like insomnia, but sometimes it is the best time for thinking and creativity. but I'm definitely not an owl. I love being a lark ;)


and yes, Marcin Wasilewski Trio and Deaf Center are the pearls of this mix!