large collection of best tunes dedicated to one of the major musical movements of the twentieth century. you can recognize both known and unkwnown masterpieces that were created due to the influence of minimalism. epic, silent and energetic 36 tracks including Colin Stetson, Luciano Cilio and Philip Glass.

*cover by William B. Hoyt

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I love minimalsm, and it's great to have such an amazing playlist, especially with some great (and obscure) pieces on it :)

I love too! well, this mix really dedicated to this interesting and colossal phenomenon. thanks for listening!

La musique que j'aime... Vos playlists sont toujours magnifiques. Merci une fois encore pour ce voyage apaisant. Special thanks also for Colin Stetson, one of my fav artists the last monthes. (~‿~) .¸¸.♡

exactement! Je pense qu'il n'y a pas beaucoup de fans de de ce phénomène musical. mais je me trompais! anyway, thanks a lot for listening this long list of minimal tracks. nice to know, that you fell in love with Colin Stetson music. waiting for his new album! )