It's when Voigt & Voigt gather in the same studio that the sparks start to fly within this unique machinery humbly named Kompakt, more often than not a rather unlikely combination of distinctive elements suddenly kickstarting into communication. Marrying the more cerebral aspects of Techno science with the sheer will to drink, the Voigtian output is a constant fixture in the label's back catalogue, an important reminder of what it is what we're all doing here, the wagging finger of the party crowd. It should come as no surprise, then, that quite a few of the brothers' tracks went on to become major underground hits, creating authentic electronic folklore in the process. To celebrate last week's release of "Erdingertrax 2" (check it out at:, we offer up an exclusive 8tracks radiocast featuring definitive classics and secret weapons. Gettin' real hot in here...

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