Going out tonight...? Warm yourself up with these 25 ditties from the authentic disco era in the 70's and the early 80's...The music includes acts like Michael Jackson, Kool & The Gang and Chic...

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8 comments on A Warm-Up for the Boogie Night...
Kristinn Pálsson

I hope it does! Actually this is only a warm-up for another mix of mine "One night in a disco: Your guide to the boogie night". Look it up...!


Memories! What a time, the height of boogie and real honest soul!

Kristinn Pálsson

"honest soul" is a really good phrase and I think I'm gonna steal it...

Kristinn Pálsson

Thank you and here's something from the same root: disco-your-guide-to-the-boogie-night#mix_set_id" rel="external">http://8tracks.com/kristinn-palsson/one-night-in-a-disco-your-guide...=50000572