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Cover art is from Theo Ellsworth's book "Capacity" which I recommend reading while you listen to this genre of music, or any other time in your life.


Where do you find your music? Your mixes are phenomenal.


Thanks. I scour through a lot of different places for stuff. Of course you have your basics, find something you like and plug it into iTunes, YouTube, Pandora and find similar artists. Blalocks Indie Playlist comes out with a great mix of new stuff every month, which is definitely worth sorting through to find what you like. Music-map.com is a decent resource, although kind of predictable. Stumbleupon.com and stumble "music" uncovers a lot of nooks in the music scene, more garbage than not but it's finding those little diamonds in the rough that make the search worthwhile.


This is relaxing, yet it makes my mind wake up and feel real active. Every song is great so far!


Thanks! Glad you like it.