OMG I REMEMBER THAT SONG!!!!!!! ...what happened to that band?

40 songs to reminisce to and then forget all over again. Includes 90s-recent in all genres.

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This is an awesome mix but quite a few songs here that aren't one hit wonders. Some of these artists became huge sensations like The Spice Girls and Sugar Ray and Train had/have quite a few hits.


Too much dancing for one person.

These songs are so much fun to sing and dance to... and remember when they were actually popular XD


Glad you enjoyed :)

L@so ... *

goes along the lines of this mix :D

L@so ... *

by the way is the song butterfly from crazy town in this mix? If not, you should add it :)

L@so ... *

when baby got back came up I was like OMg!!! jaja
Awesome mix!


haha thank you!


The song you have labeled "All or Nothing" by O-Town is actually "I Swear" by Westlife. It's sad that I know that... haha great mix though!


Oh my gosh you're right! Haha I fixed it, and thank you!


It's actually "Swear It Again" (bonafide teeny bopper right here).