don't even front because you fucking did. shoutout to class of 2008. before you were a hipster, before there was such a thing as a hipster, back when you were just an emo in a band t-shirt or a death cab fan in flannel or a prep in hollister or some other inane stereotype. yeah, those years. bask in the memories, friends.

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....I feel like I took over all your old habits


I wonder if I'm the only commenter who wasn't even born ywt at the time yet understand where your coming from. my parents taught me well so now I'm exactly that description. . .with a seriously annoying girlyish side. when I was litle this is all I'd like to listen to (with the exception of shakira and no doubt)


Perfect playlist, but I do think Iron & Wine do Such Great Heights a lot better. But that's just my taste.

Tyller Marquez

That description though. We all know exactly what its talking about. Hahahaha


the description omfg<3


aww yiss


'09 but still music from High School.


Dance, dance hell yea