let's go through a couple drinks and bond over our shitty childhoods, talk about the people we should have been by now, let our elbows touch and pretend we both don't want it. or let's meet at the bar and talk about nothing because we need everything, and i'll flirt and grin into my drinks, try to maintain eye contact when the rest of you is leading me on. or let's kiss before our courage wears out, and i'll unzip your dress and you'll unbutton my collar and everything will be now.

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Love this mix but, the only reason I made a profile was to find out what happened to "A map of your curves" can you put up the track list at least

real talk: i use all the tracks on my mixes directly from soundcloud. i do this bc you stream directly from the artists and it's easier to find the amazing people who made the music in the first place. the problem is that when those tracks are removed from soundcloud, they are removed from my mixes, and if the number of tracks drops below 8, the mix becomes private. as a result, a bunch of my best mixes have recently become private and i can't do much about that because the mix editor doesn't seem to be working with any of my browsers. so. until i can fix that, i cannot unfortunately provide you with your fix. i do have a spotify though, if yall are interested?

You took my heart from the beginning with a motion more swift than a star appearing as a streak through the sky which we both gaze upon.