Here's a third addition my original,"Read More, Write More" playlist. Avoid procrastination and improve productivity with these melodic, studious tracks. I'm currently reading Sylvia Plath's "The Bell Jar" to this playlist so I thought another sequel was required.. Happy focusing!

Dario Marianelli, Rachel Portman, Ludovico Einaudi again amongst the few...

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First of all - great playlist. also, I just realised that the instruental from Chocolat sounds almost exactly like the opening instrumental from Beauty and the Beast.

all your playlists are so great love them! i am inspired by you and am going to make a instrumental soundtrack playlist with songs from pride and prejudice, titanic, downton abbey, and more. i would love if you could check it out when i post it. also check out "for when i need sleep" it is close to platinum! thanks!