This is a playlist for those who are deeply in love. Also for those who can't be together because of distance or for another reason, but after all, they fight for their love no matter what others say or how many stones get in the way (my case).
Besides, these songs remind me of him and show how he makes me feel. Artists include The Kooks, One Republic and He is We.

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6 comments on I love you, and that's all I really know ♥

lovex lovex love in


I really love this playlist. It's perfect! I can share this with my gf and we both can fall asleep to this together.

Lucy Nebel

Owwww so cute :3 Thanks!


I think this is wonderful! It makes me miss my guy. <3


i love all the songs. am all smiles this afternoon.

Lucy Nebel

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. Just remember keep smiling whatever happens, be haaaaaaappy! hahah xo


am on heaven. i like