Crying is healthy, let it all out.

Let Adele, Christina Aguilera and Taylor Swift be there for you.

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6 comments on Here's to the Tears

good...just makes me want to invest in razor blades. :)


OMG i love the playlist!!! thanks for putting it together :)

antwan medhat

i like it so much.. i wanna ask u about anew one.but u must promise me you will make it a happy style..


I'll see what I can do! :)


madelinerose7, I think that Tiger Lily is by Matchbook Romance, not Matchbox. Just correcting your error. ( I do like your mix though a lot)


You're right. I'm not sure why but the artist must have been mixed up when I uploaded it :/ thanks for the notice!


It's no problem! And you're welcome.


Merci beaucoup!!! these songs have a very special place in my life. :) Here's to the tears,indeed!