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LAST UPDATE on Jan. 7th, 2013
To the old gods and the new.

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I know I commented above, but I had to emphasise how amazing this playlist is for studying!

Madonna Fiammetta

@lilja05 hi, thanks for the double comment, I really appreciate it! If you liked this you might want to check my other instrumental mixes, they're all designed to be themed-study aids! enjoy <3


I'm absolutely in love with this playlist


Nice playlist = )

I was enjoying this already.... and then I heard Amy In The Tardis and was hooked - it's one of my all time favourite soundtrack pieces, so anything including it is gonna be good in my books! This is really helping with my maths homework and chemistry revision right now :)


Perfect motivation for doing homework on a Friday night ( yuck :/)


Perfect mix for writing that paper that's due in 3 hours


Just the kind of mix that I needed! Thanks for putting this together!