My favourite soundtracks covered on piano, I think you're going to love this. 100% instrumental, focus guaranteed as usual.

UPDATE: personal tragedy: exam postponed to next tuesday, hope I don't collapse in the meantime! thank you all for commenting, it feels like we're sharing good vibes through that...
One last thing: please tell me if you have any particular request, I'd be happy to answer :)

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Wow. The Forrest Gump theme surprised me. It reminded me a lot about the movie and had to stop a while to hear it. Such a beautiful playlist.

Whenever i listen to a piano or instrumental mix i like alott, i look at the author and its you lauraingalli !!
Thank you for all your great great mixes :)

Wonderful! I'm beginning prep for finals and have multiple papers to write over the next three weeks. This will be on constant repeat.