Anti-procrastination playlist, 100% instrumental tracks. Goals:
1. gain concentration and maximum effiency
2. survive (as a human being, not a zombish larva)
3. get away with some respectable marks
Finals are so damn close: challenge accepted!

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8,022    27min (27 tracks)
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great mix! not only good tracks but it gives that motivational edge, lets study together sometime :D jk creepy, but thanks for the study tool

I found a link to this mix as a freshman in college, and immediately made an account and saved it. This has gotten me through studying physics, accounting, law, and countless other things, and I am still playing it coming up to my junior year. Thank you so much for the mix, it is unbelievable!

thank you so much for this mix - it's so refreshing! while I'm searching for "study mixes" I hear the same soundtracks ALL THE TIME. Your mix is so different. No I'm certain that I will pass my law exams this semester :) THANK YOU!