veleno - cloud.selector tape#1


we took the poison and we dance ... a hand-picked playlist of dark dance music.
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  • Voices (LP Preview) by Kink Gong
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  • Bardo Thodol by modernlove
  • Bevan by Colin Stevens
  • Symbolism In Transition by modernlove
  • Landing (Marc Neyen Remix) by Pheek
  • Ramause by Dr.Nojoke
  • Horizon (David Last Remix of Burnt Friedman Remix) by Koss/Henriksson/Mullaert
  • A3 by Undefault
  • The Hunted by Rebel HiFi
  • Life and Death by WhoMadeWho - Every Minute Alone (Tale of Us remix)
  • Little Colored Blocks (David Last Remix) by DavidLast
  • astrac [demo] by ztrl
  • Pantheon (Sven Laux Remix) by Ingemar Stalholm
  • Bankers greedy and powerful people by Brian Routh
  • Lost and Found by 02
  • Poet by JoshuaLivingstone
  • Belarus (Revy Remix) by [WOND003] Jarz
  • Up the box by 07
  • cloudcycle/amnesia.part2 by cloudcycle
  • 3 by Abstract Track #
  • Mes Follicules (Home Mastered) by Zzzzra
  • Plumbicon V.271205 01 by monolake
  • Chorale (John Cale cover) by Liz Ireland
  • "Dark was the Night" (Blind Willie Johnson) by Kronos Quartet
  • Schiphol Announcement System Error by monolake
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