"It's only in Mexico, in the sweetness and innocence, birth and death seem at all worthwhile."

A mix inspired by subway buskers, featuring Conjunto Bernal, José Alfredo Jiménez, Lola Beltran, and more.

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2,568    24min (10 tracks)
7 comments on La Enorme Distancia

Conjunto Bernal kicks it off, awesome. My maternal grandparents met at dances they played at that took place at La Villita, a dancehall/ballroom in Alice, Texas (my birthplace and also known as the birthplace of Tejano). So one could argue that without the Bernals, I wouldn't be here! Peace & blessings

lavender skies

Jose Alfredo Jimenez!!!!!<3 Lindaaaaaa y una chulada de musica!:)


Takes me back.


This is a beautiful, beautiful mix. Thank you.


How can you *not* make that mix?


Damn! This one really makes me thinking about making a YU-Mex-Mix about Mexican influence on popular culture in Yugoslavia in the 1950s when fake mariachi bands were forming there.

Yanet Carmina

I've just finished listening to it, and let me tell you, I was quite surprised! I made a comment on your playlist


there is not enough ice on the ground to release this so early into the winter season!