4 comments on Classics Of The Modern Age

Good one mate! and it's nice to see an 8tracker that answers the posts, it feels like me.

By the way, I have a similar mix myself, check it out, you'll like it


Mean Martian

thanks bro. and your playlist is super awesome. already liked it and subscribed to you :)


wow havent listen to this... great playlist man!!

Mean Martian

haha thanks a lot bro.


i went through the whole playlist without even realizing it had finished. great playlist!

Mean Martian

thanks bro


Okay, so i'm 6 songs in and so far, you've been on the monayy with every single one of them. I will admit, i had my reservations about an epic 'anthems of our time' playlist, but this is really good.

Mean Martian

thank you mate