2 and a half hours of instrumental music, from classic composers to movie scores. Perfect for studying, thinking, or relaxing. Featuring Beethoven, Chopin, and John Williams.

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25,683    2hr 13min (38 tracks)
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essa lista de reprodução é sensacional, milkthimble.
outstanding playlist you got there, milkthimble. thanks and congrats for what to me sounds great.

the more classic Harry Potter themes are a bit much, made me want to quit the essay and watch a movie. the only one I'd keep, personally is Neville's Waltz, it blends in with the other songs more smoothly, but makes me smile because it's familiar

I love this mix! Such a great variety from Chopin's timeless solo piano bits to sweeping musical scores to electronic instrumentals. I find that when i turn on this mix I can solely focus on the task on hand... like my AP chem test this friday ;). Make a part two!

I do agree though, the Harry Potter kills my concentration... Totally a Harry Potter fan, but not for a study mix.