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christal perez

this is probably the best playlist


hi jennifer... thanks. sorry, i don't have a playlist from that day... i think i had on ALL SONGS considered Radio... which i love. :)


Hi Misty. I really enjoyed the music play list we listened to on the first day of class (Collage) at Artfest. Do you have that play list available for download? By the way, I LOVED the class.


love this new mix misty... just what i needed today...xox


hi misty, i've been on a new music quest lately and so happy to see you are posting new playlists again. always a good inspiration. i have a good new list too and will publish soon. but had to smile about the foreigner cover....just last week or so my yoga teacher made us do ab's to it. is that song in the air? my belly's hurting just by listening :) happy creating.