Jimi hendrix

Magic Bus Psychedelia Mama We Built This City Following the Heard - 1969.D Jimi Blue FORTUNIS FIVE- A Masks Playlist song & stardust  *Come tomorrow, will I be older? *Beatniks and politics, nothing is new Alpine Mix '96 Make Love Not War - Part Two - 1968 to 1972 Make Love Not War - Part One - 1965 to 1967 Rich 90s Memorial Mix 40 Best Songs of All Time *Journey down the Neon Highway *The mountain is high, the valley is low *The captain of a starship that's homeward bound today *We're living in a plastic land, somebody give me a hand, yeah Blues for the Road (Disc 2) Blues For The Road (Disc 1) 3, 2, 1, let's jam! BLUES ROCK Mix *Listen people, it's all right Number 4 Epic Journey The Waltz *People outside my window, goin' everywhere *I always loved that guy and he's not on T.V. anymore Music With Rocks In