20 cute & quirky songs by French and English artists that remind me of Paris, the city of love. Some of these songs are in English, but by French artists (Soko, Yael Naim, and Cocoon). Enjoy!

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seriously you are my music soul mate!!! haha but for real this is getting a blog post on my blog - like tonight! :) wearinla.com will send you a link when it's up! best ever songs to listen to while editing photos in starbucks - instantly transports me to a beautiful time and place - paris. now. :) thank youuuu!

Moosik, I have to ask you to stop feeding my soul with such great playlists. It's getting a little embarrassing how frequently I have gotten the 'you've exceeded the number of plays for 8 hours' warning from over-listening to your shit. Where have you been all of my life?