5 comments on So Kind On The Ears Mix

i think this was the first one i ever listened to. incredible and well thought out mix satchmo. my ears thank you.

Musical Blanket

Very cool. I guess that was back in New Dodge ink funkyjunk's abode eh? Guess I made it in '04 or '05ish. Always happy to hear people enjoying. And you've enjoyed a lot of em.


right on sondawg. totally agree. a well thought out mix indeed. the flow from track 2 into Sugaree is nails!


Nice mix. Thanks

Musical Blanket

Thank you for listening.


One Again. Perfection :)

Musical Blanket

Well, thank you thank you ashmere. Glad you like. You seem to appreciate the finer things.


You truly have never disappointed me.


great mix! all my favorite musicians in one place.

Musical Blanket

I know, that's what I like about it too. Thanks.

Le chat

tres bien!! bon mix, super,

Musical Blanket

Merci. Merci beaucoup