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"A mix tape?" Carlos asks, hands cupping the oddly heavy, bright blue egg. "It, um. Cecil, I think this is a robin's egg." Cecil huffs. "Well, obviously. Folks in Night Vale stopped using actual cassette tapes in the 80s, Carlos. So old fashioned. Here, let me show you." Cecil places his hands over Carlos's, and presses down, cracking the egg. Instantly, the air is full of song. Carlos laughs. "You made me a tape," he says, his voice full of wonder.

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This is just like the mix tapes I would make for my SO before we got engaged. I just sent a link of it to her. It's perfect for Cecil and Carlos but also reminded me of all the reasons I fell in love myself.

Been listening to this mix almost exclusively for the past two days. Something about new bands doing old songs is oddly fitting for Night Vale, and it's perfect for cecil/carlos too <3