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Infinite Sentience

cNow this is good cavern drinking music. As a person of Irish and Scandinavian ancestry, these songs truly speak to my inner Celt and viking. While I am of no age to be drinking, I can still greatly enjoy this mix that you have put together. So well done and I greatly admire the different sorts of songs that you have chosen to add in here. Certainly do the world a favor and make more playlists like these, as this is perfect drinking music, perhaps with a bar fight brewing as well. Stay Sentient, nerull...


buddy awsome , im drinkin carlin n lovin this great tracks man


This made my beer taste better.


thanks man


This playlist is like, folk metal and irish drinking songs had a baby, and that baby had a pint of Guinness in his hand.


Man.. you have my taste... give it back! You THIEF ! Music taste thief! : ) Great Playlist mate!