In sickness and in health, I always do. Thirty-six slow, acoustic songs for a perfect wedding. Grab her, kiss her, and slow dance the night away.

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Nearly cried when I got to Set The Fire To The Third Bar, which is one of mine and the fiance's favorite songs. Great mix!!

wow. listened to the first few songs and am already in love! im really super sorry to be a bother but could you please send me the song list? thankyou! :)

thank you!! :) I'm so glad you like it. And no problem, it's no trouble at all! but um, what's your email address...?

oops sorry... haha - - sorry i dont feel comfortable giving out my email on here! i totally didn't think about that before asking you to send it to me via email :) thankyou so much!

yupp it is! im pretty much listening to the whole mix tho so now worries! :) haha. its amazing! just so you know! im making my boyfriend a cute cd as part of his christmas gift because we both love showing each other new music we like and im adding a lot of these to it! so thanks! haha.

aw thats so cute!! omg i actually made this for this guy that I really like...hahaha i'm glad the music helped you! (i'll send you the song list now..check your email lol)