A mix-and-matched dozen in the proudest genre-orgy tradition, featuring Autechre, Slint and another side of (you guessed it...) Bob Dorough. Press play and settle in expecting some surprising transitions and some great songs which are - but shouldn't be - hard to hear. YOW!'s bound to make you happy (Hurray!) and sad (Aw!) and frightened (Eeeeeek!) - hopefully NOT mad (Rats!) - and excited (Wow!) and glad (Hey!).

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37    1hr 1min (12 tracks)
4 comments on YOW! (omacacoaquatico's June 2011 mix)

Your stamp-of-approval means alot to me, Breau. So glad you liked it. So when's your first mix gonna happen?


Great mix Aquatico! Have not heard that Bob Dorough in a long time!


My pleasure, Labracoon. Glad you liked it and glad to see you in a new venue.


Very enjoyable and a pleasant, even educational, change from what I usually listen to. Thanks!