Twenty great tracks by emerging indie bands such as PK, The Lonely Forest, and The Colourist. Also features songs from bands of my good friends and one of my bands :).

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Edit: Added some MORE new songs by new artists

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haha just realized this mix was made on my birthday, thanks for the great mix as an unintentional birthday present :D


You are very welcome! :)


i am to obsessed with this mix...... i just lie here and think about it like i used to think about my boyfriend... that can't be good :/


I say better to obsess over the music than over a man. At least the music is always there for you!


The Fierce Creatures picked the right time to be awesome. Just backed 'em with $15. Now to find money for food...


Awesome Michael! i bought some merch at a show we played with them to show my support. they definitely deserve it, they are so awesome cant wait for a proper album from them


awesome Oren! if anyone enjoyed The Deathtower songs- please visit us on Facebook and give us a 'like' - thanks!!!


Diggin' "Satan Is a Vampire"! :)


awesome! the lonely forest is one of my favorites glad they're getting some recognition.

Mary Ann

So refreshing to finally hear some NEW stuff on 8tracks, thanks !!


props, dude!
it's great!