Songs that will keep you pumped and energized throughout your entire work-out!

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Made some changes.. comment if you want me to make any more or undo the changes! Thanks for all the comments and likes :)

Hey guys I changed 'Levels' to what I think is a better version, if you don't like it just leave a comment and I'll see what I can do :) Thanks for all the feedback and likes by the way :)

I am listening to this right before I go to bed and all I can think about is getting up and moving (and I'm dancing around as I type this)...LOL I'm going to need an iphone so I can download this app and listen to this while working out.

It is actually quite easy to download songs from 8tracks. There's a whole bunch of ways (google for more). My favorite one is using Replay Media catcher.. You can download it full from the pirate bay (.org) or the trial version elsewhere. You open the program and hit play, and it downloads whatevers left in your browser's cache while streaming.