"What I really want from music. That it be cheerful and profound like an afternoon in October. That it be individual, frolicsome, tender, a sweet small woman full of beastliness and charm." - Friedrich Nietzsche

A fun, eclectic mix of over 7 hours of music! Put it on while relaxing by the pool, working around the house, cooking, or even as a background soundtrack for a gathering of friends.

Music by Portishead, Grouplove, Little People + more.

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2,034    4hr 51min (77 tracks)
7 comments on Lazy Afternoon Chill

such a good collection of songs!


I overslept today, so I didn't bother going into college. This Playlist is perfect for it. :)


The only one I didn't like would be the Don Diablo remix, it just didnt seem to fit the mood in my opinion, it was great otherwise though!


It feels like a mix-tape my boyfriend might have given me in high school :)


I'm still fixing a couple of problems I've encountered with the song versions available on the site. trying to go back through and upload my own copy for all the problems. I'll get it taken care of though...


I'm way into the mix and want to like it a couple more times! :)


Thank you very much, I'm glad people like it.


Great mix! Thanks!