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Wrapped in piano strings.

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#loveThist8TRACKSplaylist This Playlist is just my favorite today and for long time on ... Thank photomy so much for this lovely charming relaxing AWESOME & chilling playlist :)

vWhen you say you love
My heart is broken,
My soul feel awful
My eyes can't see,
Too many tears,

Don't say love again,
Don't lie again,
Let me be free,
Stop tilt the bucket,

Ambiguous life,
Is not for me,
Love for me is all,
All you can do is...

To take it or leave it.

When you say you love,
Don't say it,
All you need to do, is...
Just proof it, show it,
Never Blow it...

Melt my heart like it was, today
Love me as a man...
Should loves a women,
Just don't say it, proof it,
Never blow it.

When you say love...