Frequently asked questions

Q:What is 8tracks plus?

A:8tracks plus is a premium, subscription-based service for DJs and listeners on 8tracks.

Q:Why would I pay for radio?

A:As a listener, you'd pay to remove the ads in the right sidebar or other "custom" sponsorships on the site. Of course, your payment also helps 8tracks cover its costs of operation.
We'll soon offer several DJ-focused features for 8tracks plus subscribers, likely including profile customization, mix analytics and unlimited uploads.

Q:What does it cost?

A:You pay $25 for 6 months, with automatic renewal on the 6-month anniversary date of sign-up. You can cancel anytime and will continue to receive the benefits of 8tracks plus through that anniversary date. We cannot offer refunds for a portion of that 6-month period, once your free trial has ended and the subscription period has begun.

Q:How does the free trial work?

A:When you sign up for 8tracks plus, you get a 14-day free trial. We will NOT bill your credit card during that period, and you can easily cancel the trial from your Settings page at any point during that 14-day period without ever being billed.

Even if you cancel during your free trial, you will continue to receive the benefits of 8tracks plus until 14 days have elapsed.