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Don Your Parka and John Lennon Glasses: Part 4

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What's happened to Parts 2&3...? You're okay y'know. Been listening to your stuff all night. You'll have to forgive some of my comments, I'm autistic and can't work people out I'm afraid. One more thing: - your username; I KNEW I knew it, it's literally just struck me - it's the pulsar on the cover of Joy Division's 'Unknown Pleasures'! I've GOT that LP - geez, I amaze myself with my stupidity sometimes!

That used to be my avatar too, until I noticed how much that image is being used ALL over the place. A while back I decided to change it to the cover of New Order's "Everything's Gone Green" single. You should be able to find Parts 2 and 3 in the "Parka" collection you can link to underneath the similar mixes list on the right.

then he goes and spoils it by playing the man I'd most like to drown in a vat of pigs' blood! still love ya, though, but this ain't gonna be a full-house this time (I also forgot how short Feelin' was (and I've got that feckin' LP!) Hugs X❤️X

At this rate I believe all my other Britpop-leaning mixes will delight and infuriate you in equal measure. ;) Thanks for letting me know the ups and downs as you see them. :)