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Title must be a quote from a movie
1. Song the last record you bought
2. "blues" song. Doesn't have to be from blues record, but a song that is labeled "___ blues"
3. Song gets you going in the morning
4. Song from the earliest record that you can remember listening to
5. Song discovered from a film
6. Song about transportation
7. Song by an artist that you don't normally like, with the exception of this one
8. Song with a colour in the title
9. Song with a number in the title
10. Song that mentions a religious character/religion
11. Song about a book
12. Funny song
13. Cover song
14. Song that you discovered through a mix tape
15. Song that reminds you of high school
16. Song that is perfect for a quiet, rainy day
17. Song with the word "Look" in the title
18. Your fave Beatles song
19. Song by someone who is now deceased
20. Any Song