Refund policy

When you sign up for 8tracks Plus, you get a 14-day free trial. We will NOT bill your credit card during that period, and you can easily cancel the trial from your Settings page at any point during that 14-day period without ever being billed.

Even if you cancel during your free trial, you will continue to receive the benefits of 8tracks Plus until 14 days have elapsed.

If you choose to cancel after your initial charge, you will remain a subscriber (and enjoy the benefits of 8tracks Plus) through the end of the current billing period, irrespective of cancellation date.

Example: If you sign up for 8tracks Plus on May 1st, we will bill you on May 15th for $2.99. If you then cancel on June 15th, you will have access to the benefits of 8tracks plus until June 30th, at which time your subscription will terminate. You will not be refunded any portion of your $2.99 initial payment, nor will you be charged again.