A mix I made for my dream girl. I put a lot of thought into these songs and now comes the hardest part... getting the courage to give it to her.

"Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

-okay guys, thanks for all of the positive feedback! I'm planning on giving it to her tomorrow, 11-16-11. wish me luck!

*UPDATE- mix was given. girl loved mix. girl doesn't feel the same. hurts like hell, but it will be okay. anyway, thank you all for listening. glad you all enjoy it.*

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Must've been some girl.. but know that your "Dream Girl" is just a real world representation of what you hope to find in a girl.. there're be plenty of those girls.. but most often the most perfect dream girl isn't gonna be your PERFECT girl..!! True love will surprise you, you won't find it.. it'll find you.. just keep an open heart..

I am in love with this mix! It is one of those mixes that you're always in the mood for. When i cant find the right song to fit my mood, this mix always fills that void. Such an inspirational mix, i'd give anything to receive a gift like this, she's a lucky girl :)

Damn... I really hoped you give it to her and she'd feel the same way you do... Sucks that you don't get to pick the one to love... Anyways, It's better to know than keep on wondering, don't you think? Cheer up! This shall pass too...