Chillaxy hip-hop, R&B, soul and rap tracks.

A mix of alternative hip-hop, and old school gangsta rap.

Songs from Grandmaster Flash, 2Pac, Naughty by Nature, Kanye West, etc.

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1,807    1hr 48min (26 tracks)
7 comments on Damn Sexy Chill-Hop

Haha, I have been coming back to your mixes from time to time, and I have to say that I enjoy them every time. And to answer your question, (Because I didn't remember commenting beforehand on this - as I was just about to comment on this haha) "Yeah" is in referral to the emotions I am feeling when I listen to this mix. It is quite smooth and applies to my style very nicely. So thank you!!!

Of course! I just finished my workout and going to do some yoga. I appreciate your work out mixes as well. Especially in my cycling class. :)