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Really love this mix! Uplifting and emotional trance creates some of the most unique and beautiful compositions. Some of the best songs do not have any lyrics and do not need any. Great job on this mix! :)

This is a great non-vocal trance mix! I really liked the starting song "Florescence". I had not heard most of these songs before because I prefer vocal trance songs. I would love to hear some vocals put to alot of these songs and I think they would be even better than what they are now. A good example is "Seven Cities" by Armin van buuren. The non vocal version is great, but I prefer the vocal version of it a little better. If you have any vocal trance favorites, try to make a mix of those. I have a few mixes of vocal trance songs. I haven't made any non-vocal trance mixes up yet though. I really like this mix though for a non-vocal trance mix!